14 Most Paused Scenes Of All Times

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11. Cabin In The Woods (2012)

The scene that is pause loads until date is, where the scientists are looking on the end result of the protagonists, a white board is crammed with lists of monsters and dangerous guys behind them.

12. The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

The instance thatis most splendidly better-known for breaking Batman’s back within the comic books. Several were curious to ascertain if BANE would really break the BAT in the film. Attendee fans were treated to associate degree painting scene from the comic’s books once Batman and his large opponent would finally bully off. Not solely did Bane manage to defeat Batman, but did within the actual manner he had within the This unforgettable, black moment was sort of a comic book panel come back to life.

13. Teen Wolf (1985)

Somehow, a frame of a background actor beside his pants forced down created it into the family-friendly image, right before the credits begin to roll. At intervals the scene, a gaggle of spectators were standing up and cheering. Among the background you’llcomprehend a gentleman at the aspect of his zipper down.

14. Suicide Squad (2016)

The instance during which Amanda Fats Waller offers Deadshot his freedom in exchange for the murder of Harley Quinn. Unbeknownst to Fats Waller, Deadshot deliberately misses his target as she floats suspended from the chopper. Another scene from this motion picture that has been paused ton of times is when; El Diablo’s hand had an image of his late mate and it’s rendered in flames.



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