8 Crystal Clear Signs That Prove Your Relationship Is 100% Pure

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6. Being Intimate Never Come First

People believe that sexual intimation is necessary for a relationship and to some extent it is true but your partner never forces you for that. If you are not ready for it then your partner should understand this. And, this is one of the important signs of purity in a relationship. You both love each other without any doubt and that’s good for a perfect and true relationship.

7. Being Who You Are

Any relationship is complete if you can be yourself in the relationship. Being the real you and transparency in the relationship is the key for its successful future. You get used to each other’s habits and opinions and accept your partner the way they actually are. You don’t care how stupid you might look. You get to be right there in your comfort zone. There are no faking things out in a pure relationship.

8. Happy Being In a relationship

‘Happiness’ is a key to a healthy and long-lasting relationship. You feel happy when you are with your lover. You both just want to remain close to each other. You value the little moments spent with each other and want to cherish them forever. Although, it is normal to have an argument or fight in silly things. As couples who fight actually stay together, ‘Fighting allows you to grow together’. But, after you sort things out you both are happy more than ever.

So, these were few of the very basic crystal clear signs that prove your relationship is 100% pure. If you are finding these signs in your relationship then you are lucky that you have got a perfect relationship. We are sure that you are already able to relate to some or most of these signs. However, these signs are not necessarily a yardstick to measure a great relationship. Every relationship has different dynamics; but love, patience, and understanding lie at the core of each one.

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