Top 20 Best Movies On Confused Sexuality

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11. Fire

This movie revolves around a regular middle-class Indian family. Starring Shabana Azmi and Nandita Das as the lead female protagonists, this movie unveils the lives of two housewives and their journey on discovering a side of themselves completely alien to them. They are strong and fierce women who question the patriarchy deeply rooted the society believing that the sole purpose of a woman is to birth children. On finding out the relationship between Sita and Radha, Sita’s husband utters, “ This relationship is a sin in the eyes of God and man.” This sentence highlights the ignorance and disdain of a person to accept a same-sex relationship.

The most captivating and thought-provoking dialogue delivered by Radha is, “There’s no word in our language to what we are, what we feel for each other.” This strikes a sense of uncertainty but the determination to never stop at the same time. This movie was released in 1998 with an “A” certificate which also concludes that the plot of the movie is quite ahead of its time.

12. Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga

This movie was released at the beginning of 2019. It portrays the story of a girl from a rural village with an overenthusiastic Punjabi family eager to marry her off to a suitable Indian Boy. She, however, has nestled a secret in her heart that she is a lesbian and in a relationship with a girl from her village.

Confused Sexuality Movies
Confused Sexuality Movies

The movie starred Sonam Kapoor and Regina Cassandra as the lead female actresses. This movie was directed by Shelly Chopra and also starred Anil Kapoor, Juhi Chawla, and Rajkumar Rao.

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13. The Pink Mirror

The Pink Mirror is yet another challenging and eye-opening story which showcases two transsexual drag dancers and a gay teenager stumbling their way to find out their true identity.

Confused Sexuality Movies

14. Bombay Talkies

Bombay Talkies is written by five different writers presenting five different short stories, each unconventional and refreshing. The first story involves a man who is stuck in a failing marriage and an intern who is frustrated from being judged by his own parents for being gay.

Confused Sexuality Movies

As the story goes on, it reveals that the husband was also gay but couldn’t dare to come out of the closet. Partly because of his lack of acceptance for his own choices. In the end, the wife frees him from the burden of his marriage further enabling him to ponder with a clearer mind.


15. Yours Emotionally!

Further highlighting the gay community, this movie is about an Indian boy living in England. In order to try something adventurous, he heads to a gay bar and ends up unearthing a completely outlandish side of himself. This movie very beautifully captures the sensuality of the relationship between the gay couple Ravi and Mani.

Confused Sexuality Movies

As the plot develops, it shows the twists, turns, betrayal and hurt tangled between Ravi’s best friend Paul and Mani just like any other boy-girl movie. The movie was directed by the ingenious Sridhar Rangayan who also directed The Pink Mirror. This movie promoted the oppressed gay community of the country when more than hundreds of gay men came together and participated in a movie.

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