Top 20 Best Movies On Confused Sexuality

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16. Blue Is The Warmest Colour

Earning the BAFTA award for the Best Film Not in the English Language, this story is about a high school girl who is shy and meek. The story presents the classic case of confused sexuality where the girl, Adéle, does realize a tinge of attraction to a girl she saw on the street but doesn’t encourage the thought further. She gets involved in a relationship with a boy undergoing sexual intercourse but ends up completely unsatisfied and breaks off the relationship.

Confused Sexuality Movies

On visiting a lesbian bar with her gay best friend, she witnesses a fire inside her burning with passion and desire. The movie is directed by Abdellatif Kechiche. The narrative takes us through the journey of a teenager to an adult who is confused, lonely and at one point even bullied by her  classmates for “Being different.”

The movie’s fundamental theme is lesbianism. It was adapted from a comic series of the same name designed by Julie Maroh. The film is titled as “Blue Is The Warmest Colour” using it as a reference to Adéle’s partner who has blue colored hair.

7. Call Me By Your Name

This movie documents a love story between a teenager named Elio and his father’s assistant Oliver who is in his early 20s. This movie is the third and final part of the trilogy saga “Desire.” The first and second parts being “I Am Love” and “Bigger Splash” respectively. It is based on André Aciman’s novel which was titled the same.

Confused Sexuality Movies

The movie takes place in a charming town in the north of Italy. Elio is brought up in a Jewish household with conventional parents. He meets Oliver at his place and feels electric energy between them but decides to go against it. They have vivid personalities which are poles apart. While Elio is more uptight and cautious with his noes stuck between the books, Oliver is more buoyant and jaunty. Elio is later involved in a serious relationship with a girl named Marzia. This relationship is mainly to spite of Oliver and assess his reaction. While discovering his attraction towards Oliver he also slinks inside his room doing the most juvenile activities like smelling his clothes. Oliver expresses his reluctance to continue any sort of relationship with Elio but he is hell-bent on changing Oliver’s perspective. They do exchange glances and love letters meeting secretly and making out.  Oliver later moves out of Italy back to his home town.

The movie ends on a bittersweet note where Elio is celebrating Hanukkah with his family and receives the news of Oliver’s engagement to someone else.

18. Heavenly Creature

This Peter Jackson’s movie which won him a Silver Lion award revolves around the story of strong intense friendship between two friends Pauline Parker and Juliet Hulme. Heavenly Creature beautifully shows the bond between the two young girls who even start fighting their parents for trying to separate them.

Confused Sexuality Movies

This film clearly portraits confused sexuality in an elegant way.

19. Maurice

This film is set in the colonial British era. It showcases a gay love tale in the colonial times of the 20th century. The movie is adapted by a novel of the same name. The movie reflects the main character, played by Hugh Grant like he doesn’t belong in the snobbery in search of his true identity.

Maurice movie

The upper society doesn’t approve of this relationship and looks down upon the couple. It highlights a non-sexual relationship between the two lead characters Maurice and Durham.

20. Disobedience

Recently released in 2018 starring Rachel McAdams and Rachel Weisz. This is yet another movie adapted from the novel of the same name written by Naomi Alderman. This movie portrays a young woman who returns to the strictly orthodox Jewish community his father belonged to in order to perform his funeral. There, she meets the wife of a community member. Their love sparks in spite of their marriage and community.

Confused Sexuality Movies

 Final Words

So whatever depicted in these movies are just the reality of what’s happening in our society. There are many other movies which talk about confused sexuality, but not in a much broader view as these ones did. I hope that you like the above list of collections of movies based out of Confused Sexuality.

If you feel that if any other movie which can replace any of these in the above list, then feel free to comment down the same in the below comment box. Also, share it with your friends with whom you share the same wavelength. Thank you for reading!

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